The Kith

A World Without Gods

There are no deities that watch over the world of Ranth. That is not to say there are no supernatural or occult aspects to the world. Merely that omnipotent beings do not interact with Ranth in any meaningful way. That does not mean there are not “gods” known to the people.

The Kith

Power has it’s own reward on Ranth. Through processes not known, certain individuals with enough personal will can transend the normal limits of mortal power. These individuals are known as Kith. The transformation into one of the Kith is both harrowing and awe-inspiring. All that is known is that all Kith were once human mortals. The birth of a Kith is a major event that can have dire events on the world.

The World and the Kith

The Kith stand very much separate from humanity. However that does not mean they no longer have aspects of humanity. They can be very much as petty, cruel or virtuous as their former selves. Indeed many were previously leaders of their people and continue on in such capacity. Though Kith are indeed mighty, they are not immortal. Though usually what kills a Kith is another Kith. Though even then many Kith have returned from seeming annihilation. When Kith go to war, whole swaths of land are devastated. Islands have been sunk, volcanoes triggered and the sky turned black. Several major landmarks remain from the conflict of Kith. The current world now lives in a sort of stand off. There are currently two major alliances of Kith and several unaligned. It is understood that if one country were to involve a Kith in their dispute, opposing Kith would rapidly motivate. This arrangement has largely removed the Kith from active influence in the world. Instead they exist remote from the day to day matters of most humans. It is very likely one can go through their whole life without encountering one of the Kith.

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The Kith

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