Najall Farwander


A grizzled and broad man of middling height strides confidently through the crowd. His clothing is fine but practical. A large scar disfigures the left side of his face. He walks with confidence and command.

Ser Njall Farwander is a man of great renown in the Varangier Islands. He claims that is the last descendant member of the 4th raising of the Seventh Sons. This is somewhat hard to believe as the 4th raising was made over 200 years ago. However he did come baring a fragment of their seal and spoke an odd but understandable form of Varangian. Out of respect for his lineage he was granted holding of the small village of Arranzaz, a days journey from Ironvale. His ways are strange but he is a thorough bred warrior. He has been tasked with training and forming the 6th raising.


Najall Farwander

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